Our Adventure Packages are custom designed, intimate, private tours that include all day fun and our largest Kuu ipo wedding ceremony. Call Today To Reserve Your Date 808-895-4181
Intimate Hawaiian Nuptials has developed packages that combine adventure destinations with romantic couples ceremonies.  All of our Hawaii Adventure Packages include our "Sweet Elegance Ceremony" found on our packages page. Most of our Hawaii Wedding Adventures give you the choice of where and when you would like to conduct your ceremony.  We have chosen awe inspiring locations to share with you that are unique to our Hawaii island paradise.  A tremendous amount of energy, expense and worry goes into the planning of a large wedding ceremony.  We wanted to offer a more relaxed alternative that has all the planning done for you.  Imagine having your Hawaii Wedding ceremony above the clouds on the sacred summit of Mauna Kea, at the edge of a rocky lava cliff with the power of the ocean crashing behind you, or saying your "I do's" in a gorgeous Japanese gardens. You are just a phone call away from confirming a Hawaii Wedding Adventure Package you will cherish for a lifetime.
We leave Hilo at approximately 4:00pm and head to our first stop at Kaumana Caves which is a large lava tube that you can see and smell tropical foliage.  We continue heading towards Mauna Kea and stop; mid mountain for altitude regulating and visit the Orizuka center.  Once your body is acclimated we can then head to the top of the summit for the ceremony where you will say your vows high above the clouds.  We provide a cozy couples blanket while you both sit and enjoy the awe inspiring sunset and provide scrumptious food delights.  Our final stop will be back to the Orizuka center for some of the most spectacular star gazing in the world.
* You must be physically able to participate on this adventure.  For details please go to: www.ifa.hawaii.edu/info/vis/
This adventure begins at 10am in Hilo and we proceed to our first stop, the Magnificent Akaka Falls that cascades 442 feet to the Kolekole stream and also see its smaller cousin Kahuna Falls. Next we will set up for your beautiful ocean front ceremony.  There you both will enjoy panoramic views of the Hamakua Coast while saying your "I do's".  You will enjoy a delicious lunch while you embrace the amazing scenery.  Then you will experience the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens and take a leisurely stroll through the native flora of Hawaii on display.  From there we head back to Hilo for your final experience ~ a relaxing couples massage. 
PELE'S PLAYGROUND   $2345.00 plus tax
Volcano National Park is the star of this adventure.  This enthralling park which is the most visited attraction of the Hawaiian Islands is the site of Kilauea one of the most active volcanoes on Earth.  We will walk through the educational Kilauea Visitors Center and go to the Jaggar Museum where you can witness the Kilauea Caldera.  Thurston Lava Tube is next on our itinerary.  Then it is off to the Kilauea Iki trail that descends through lush rainforest to its hardened but still steaming crater floor.  You will feel like your are on another planet.  Your nuptials can be performed either in the caldera or on the tropical rainforest trails. There will also be a romantic delicious picnic lunch for two to enjoy.  After a restful break we then drive on the Chain of Craters Road towards the windswept coast and see Halei Sea Arch and walk down the road where it now ends due to the 2003 lava flow.  If time permits we can also go to the petroglyphs ancient Hawaiians carved into the lava.  On the return drive back you will be able to see the path that lava took on its rush towards the sea.   
HONU HAVEN   $ 2565.00 plus tax
Punalu'u Black Sand Beach the home of the protected habit of Hawaii's Green Sea Turtles is where we head for your black sand beach ceremony.  This location was an ancient fishing village of Hawaii's Ali'i (royalty) where the white tips of cresting waves against the deep blue Pacific are mesmerizing.  After exploring the area and experiencing your romantic nuptials and having your scrumptious lunch we head to Volcano National Park and visit some of the highlights such as Thurston Lava Tube, the Jaggar Museum and Kilauea Caldera Lookout with a short rainforest hike near the crater rim.
Our adventures are designed and priced for just the couple alone. 
If you need to make arrangements for additional persons attending the ceremony we can easily accommodate you and advise of any additional cost based on the number of guests.  If you plan on having others join us on the adventure you will need to call us to see if we can arrange separate transportation, most of the vehicles we use for our adventures have limited seating. Keep in mind that there are also other added expenses that will increase the cost by increasing the group size such as lunches, entrance fee's etc.  We will do our best to make your special day perfect.

Most of the adventures we go on require a higher level of fitness than average that's why we call them "Adventure Ceremonies".  Some of our adventures take you on uneven lava rocks, steep trails and hiking long distances.  We recommend appropriate attire whether it is hiking gear or swim wear and we can help with finding comfortable places for wardrobe changes.  Your safety and satisfaction is very important to us, we strive to give you a stress free, romantic, and exciting day.